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10 years ago we noticed that, even though we provide heavily subsidized healthcare, every now and then some people come to the Health Centre who have no financial means whatsoever. For them we decided to set up the SEVA Fund.


In cases when somebody comes to the Health Centre in desperate need of health care and it is clear they have no financial means, we will of course not turn them down. We will then use the SEVA fund to still support them within reason. We have many cases where the SEVA fund has made life changing impact on people, that normally would not have been able to get proper health care, simply because they did not have the financial means.


Financial support

The SEVA Fund is financially supported in various ways. Many visitors that come to Wagagai end up donating to the SEVA funds as they see the great direct impact it has on the lives of many people. Wagagai sells of old and second hand items and the income of this also goes direct back into the SEVA Fund. Most recently we got a big donation from the foundation Women Shop for Women – based in Nijmegen.



Wagagai guarantees that 100% of this money will flow back to the needy and that it will indiscriminately be used for whoever proofs to be in need. This is also the beauty of donating to the SEVA fund, as you know with your donation the money flows back 100% direct to the ones in most need. We also keep separate financial records of the SEVA fund and whoever wants to have insight will have direct access to those financials.


In case you are interested and would like more information you can send an e-mail to or if you want to make a donation it can be done direct to our Rabobank bank account the Netherlands IBAN NL23RABO 0155293052.

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