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Extra bonus thanks to Fairtrade cooperation with Selecta One

Since 2016, we have been supplying our partner Selecta One with Fairtrade-certified poinsettias. The standard Fairtrade system and our special Fairtrade premium allow people to set up their own social projects. In addition, we can now offer our employees a great extra bonus through the Wagagai Cents project.

Our CEO and shareholder Olav Boenders explains how this cooperation provides an additional financial boost to the workers: “In this Fairtrade pilot, we agreed that neither of us would charge a higher price due to the Fairtrade certification, and Selecta One committed to paying an additional bonus of 4.5 eurocents for every Fairtrade cutting sold. This amount will be paid into the Fairtrade Bonus Fund, all of which will be spent as salaries to the lowest-paid employees on the farm. For 2017 this extra bonus is € 40.000, which results in an extra month salary for over 1400 workers.

 Social project

As is the standard, we put the full sum of Fairtrade premiums in the hands of our Fairtrade committee meeting. There they will determine which social project will receive the money. Olav: “In addition to this now, it allows us to give each employee in the lowest three scales an extra month Fairtrade bonus with X-mass in addition to their normal salary. This will benefit a total of 1400 employees and their families.”


Per Klemm, CEO and co-shareholder of Selecta One, is also pleased with the expanded cooperation: “This will allow us to transfer a sum of more than 40,000 euros in 2017, in addition to the regular Fairtrade premium. We are very satisfied with the results, as it allows us to make a further contribution to fighting poverty in this part of the world.”

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