MENU WAGAGAI, THE PLACE TO GROW TOGETHER Campaign leads to increasing number of fruit trees
17-06-2014 Back
Campaign leads to increasing number of fruit trees

Many trees and plants are disappearing due to the increasing rate of urbanisation and various government projects in Uganda. That’s why we have launched the Fruit Tree Campaign: a project aimed at planting new fruit trees.

The first 4000 fruit trees have already been planted, ranging from orange trees, to mango trees and avocado trees. With this campaign, we want to contribute to the revitalisation of regional flora, as well as returning the characteristic fruit trees to the remarkable landscape of Uganda. We expect that people will be less likely to cut these fruit trees, as they also provide food.

A few years from now, we will investigate how this first batch of 4000 trees has fared. If the campaign turns out to be a hit, we will continue planting large numbers of fruit trees.

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